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2022-23 School Team Trail Scholorship

Tournament Rules
  1. Tournament hours will be from safe daylight to 3:00 p.m. CST (first flight). All boats must check in at the designated site by an assigned flight time or be disqualified.
  2. All contestants must wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket while gas engine is on. The boat driver must have a kill switch attached while engine is running.
  3. All contestants must obey Alabama Water Safety Rules and Alabama Game and Fish Regulations.
  4. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed during tournament hours or six (6) hours prior to tournament.
  5. Five (5) fish limit per boat. Only Large Mouth, Small Mouth & Spotted Bass 12 inches minimum or lake requirement.
  6. All site fish must be hooked inside of the mouth (no snatching, no trolling, no live bait).
  7. Should inclement weather arise, take appropriate action for your safety.
  8. All prize winners are subject to a polygraph test given by a licensed tester and must pass to win.
  9. All conditions arising which are not covered by the above rules will be resolved by the tournament committee, whose decisions will be FINAL.
  10. No Hole Sitting.
  11. Dead fish is a penalty of 1 lb. Only one dead fish can be weighed in. No culling dead fish. Cannot be used for Big Fish
  12. Parent's permission is required only one time to fish the Airport Marine School Team Tournament.
  13. Signing up at the boat ramp will be $20 extra and weigh in will be with the first flight.
Births to bass high school national championship will be given based on AOY standings
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Team Members will receive a 10% discount on parts & services as well as special discounts on new or used boat purchases.
  • The highest finishing team with a permanent Airport Marine logo on their shirt will receive $1,000.00. You can download the Airport Marine Logo from
  • You may fish alone if your partner is unable to fish.
  • If you change partners, you will not accumulate points for that tournament.
  • Captains cannot make a cast.
  • No Pre-Meeting
  • Sign up online by noon the day before the tournament or the morning of the tournament (cash only)
  • Anglers in the 5th - 8th grade will be in our Junior Division. Anglers in the 9th - 12th grade will be in our Senior Division. Anglers in the 8th - 12th grade must be a member of a school fishing team.
  • Any boat with a senior division angler with be in the senior division. Junior anglers can also pay the senior division fee to participate in the senior division.
  • Junior & Senior Awards will be separate.
  • There will be no Junior APM Logo Bonus.
  • Jr anglers will weigh in an hour before the senior division.
Airport Marine is sanctioned for BASS Masters High School Team Trail

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Tournament Director - Greg Bearden - 256-591-5774
Airport Marine . 424 Hwy 87, Alabaster AL 35007 . 205-664-0407
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