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Lay Lake
Nov 24, 2023
Rank Team Weight
1Wesley Gore and Ron Gore19.96
2Adam Elliott and Lleyton Elliott19.38
3Justin Hamner and Garrett Booth17.80
4Jordan Pennington and Blake Smitherman17.56
5Dusty Herron and Scott Long17.34
6Dustin Connell and Chad Schroader17.02
7Derrick Hutchins and Jay Hutchins16.98
8Jason Edwards and Caleb Edwards16.76
9Matt Adams and Austin Shields16.54
9Will Davis and William Davis16.54
11Dalton Head and Brody Robinson16.10
12Larry Perrin and Rusty Rigney16.04
13Mike Freeman and Brannon Hurst15.92
14Shannon King and Aiden King15.88
15Denny Paul Ratlif and Jason Easterling15.84
16Chris Rutland and Russell Lane15.80
17Clint Miller and Kopeland Rosser15.78
18Zeke Gossett and Ethan King15.76
19Josh Herren and Jacob Herren15.48
20Jay Hopper and Braxton Hopper15.30
21Matt Oliver and Justin Woodruff14.98
22Shane Horton and Brandon Horton14.78
23Sambo Fish and Kenny Malone14.40
24Eric Staggs and Tyler Caton14.32
25Allen Y and Lane Odem14.06
26Jonathon White and Chris Payne13.98
27Matt Buerboom and Jacob Swerson13.84
28Justin Daoust and Trey Daoust13.82
29Lane Guy and Drew Connell13.76
30Keith Adcox and Tim Harbison13.66
31Brian Marbut and Buck Smith13.54
32Clay Kornegay and Kornegay13.50
33Kevin Lee and Toby Lee13.40
34Hank Winks13.02
35Roger Perkins and Clayton Barnes12.96
36Benjamin Travis and Andrew Jones12.76
37Tyler Cain and Payton harris12.70
38Billy Rynolds and Robert Davis12.54
39Trent Tilley and Jimbo Williams12.22
39Austin Horton and Keith L12.22
41Trent Sandlin and Todd Rooker12.12
42Mike Edwards and Ethan Edwards11.98
43Nick Turner and Bryson Turner11.88
44Kane Estes and Marcus Vance11.74
45Jonathon Young and Lake Weilder11.72
46Jay Perkins and Melody Perkins11.62
47Ronnie McDonough and Griffin McDonough11.44
48David Manning and Tracey Murphy10.88
49Rob Behrle and Rusty Sellers10.72
50Larry Franks Jr and Larry Franks Sr10.66
51Zeke Ezekiel and Kay Ezekiel10.58
52Jusit West and Citrus Storey10.40
53Layton Brown and Jamie Vetrano10.36
54Brad Mcintosh and Josh Statum10.24
55John Joter and D. Coradius9.98
56Keith Kirkley and Jeff Kirkley9.84
57Wes Townsen and Zack Jiabmvrnoe8.98
58David Ellison and Brian Lawley8.00
59Matt Maddox and Kelley Maddox6.20
60Tommy Smith and Mason McCartney5.40
61Ashley Brasher and Kyle Tignor0.00
61Sid Guin and Billy Hornsby0.00
61Roger Shirey and Alvin Shirey0.00
61Cooter Heflin and Lisa Heflin0.00
61Robby Stanford and Jason Haynes0.00
61Gary Rodgers and Jim Deramus0.00
61Adam Waites and Bryant Waites0.00
61Rob Sandlin and David Crawford0.00
61George Parker and Carlos Gonzalez0.00
61Jeff Martin0.00
61Andrew Oswalt and Asher Oswalt0.00
61Nikki Jo Hatten and Tyler Minor0.00
61allen Oliver and Curtis Coleman0.00
61Jereme Smitherman and Timothy Hicks0.00
61Brandon Napper and Samuel Napper0.00
61Clint Horton and Chris Goodwin0.00
61David Sneed and Brandon Easterling0.00
61Joshua Owens and Mason Daniell0.00
61Chris Shell0.00
61Ryan Cofer and Cade Minor0.00
61David Mims0.00
61Hunter Davidson and Larry Davidson0.00
61Colton Johnson and Zack Smith0.00
61Cody Canada and Alexandria Canada0.00
61Rodney Cleckley0.00
61Blake Dodson and Jeff Evans0.00
61Jeff Schwieker and Eli Schwieker0.00
61Jacob Howard0.00
61Jon Reames and Dalton Reames0.00
61Steve Woods and Mason Biythe0.00

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